You’re here because things have shifted in your life. You may have experienced a particular event such as relationship breakdown, change in employment or bereavement which is having a profound effect on your ability to function. You may simply be noticing that what may have worked for you previously isn’t working any more and you’re beginning to sense that you’re ‘stuck’ in ways which aren’t healthy or sustainable. Whatever your story, your normal checks and balances have gone missing and you have decided or someone around you has suggested that it might be time to look for professional help. This is a brave first step.

Problems are often deep-rooted and can be painful to talk about and to think about changing. As in all forms of therapy, any shift for the better will depend fundamentally on establishing a safe and open therapeutic relationship.There is unlikely to be a quick fix and any hope of change will depend on your and my continuing commitment to that therapeutic relationship and to the process of sensitive exploration.

My work most closely aligns to the integrative model of Cognitive Analytic Therapy (see  CAT can be used as a first step into therapy as ‘a collaborative programme for looking at the way a person thinks, feels and acts, and the events and relationships that underlie these experiences – often from childhood or earlier in life’.

I generally work on the basis of a time-limited, agreed number of sessions (see Terms) although this is flexible depending on your circumstances. I am happy to offer an initial session to explore whether we feel we could work together and whether you feel therapy could be right for you at this time.